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Hi there! If you’re looking for The Chronicle of Enrius, click here. Bizarrely Enrius will focus on blogging about my interest in collecting figures, while The Chronicle of Enrius will be mostly on events that happened in my real life. ^^ I just thought that meshing it together might confuse some readers (Not if like I have a lot of them! :-p) and the right contents may help in maintaining readership. Last but not least, thanks for dropping by!


Happy new year, everyone!!

Surprisingly, I’m going to start year 2010 by selling off some of my PVC figures! Sad to let them go, but I will always remember them in my heart…

Anyway, if you’re interested, please contact me at

  3. (Windows Live Messenger)

or just leave a comment with your details below this post.


  1. I accept PayPal only for international buyers. Local buyers can either COD or by direct bank-in. (I’m from Malaysia by the way)
  2. Do note that all prices are exclusive of shipping fee – Please let me know where you live and I will quote you a price.

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Out of stuff to post and a bit busy with JLPT 3 that was over a week ago.

Let’s start with a loot topic.

  1. Max Factory 1/8 Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!
  2. GSC Nendoroid Hakurei Reimu
  3. G’s Magazine 2010 January issue
  4. Sumomomo momomo Vol. 12
  5. Sony Vaio CW16FG Notebook

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Setting up a shooting environment isn’t easy at all, or at least to someone like me.

  • OLYMPUS u710
  • f/3.4
  • 1/125 sec
  • ISO-250

  • Nokia 5800 Xpres
  • f/2.8
  • 1/100 sec
  • ISO-112

Camera phone actually fared pretty well against a digital camera! I’ll experiment more next time but now I’m going back to JLPT 3 again…

Again as a filler for this deserted blog. Nothing much, as I’m curbing my desire to buy more figures due to financial constraint.

来た! Jubei just arrived this morning while Nendo Saber Lily earlier this month.

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Some quick updates on me:

  1. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately it was in first stage – She had a hunch and went for a checkup. God knows  what will happen if she hadn’t had that lucky hunch. After operation she is now undergoing radiotherapy in Singapore. Since Singapore is an hour away’s drive, I now drive her there until the end of the therapy which is next week. 24102009511
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July – September 2009 Hauls

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Figures, Nendoroids


These arrived earlier:

  1. Alter 1/8 Narika from Beat Blade Haruka
  2. GSC Nendoroid Saber Lion
  3. GSC Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy
  4. GSC Nendoroid Miku Mikku Kagami

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