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January Hauls

Posted: January 30, 2009 in Figures
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Yesterday after work I brought my housemate along to Times Square.

Enrius – Main Objectives:

  1. Look for project relevant reference books.
  2. Waste Pass some already precious free time.
  3. Waste fuel. To help our nation’s economy.

Tony (AKA housemate) – Main Objectives:

  1. Tag along.
  2. Just tag along.
  3. Still tag along. 😀

Went over to Borders and got myself a ‘Bible Series – Flash and PHP’ for RM136.65. And then since I’m there, I deliberately drop by XL-Shop. To my delight I found this,


Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Hayase Mitsuki from Kima ga Nozomu Eien. She was released for quite some time ago, but I found her to be my liking. It’s like one of those impulse & ‘think with lower body part’ stuffs. And not to mention she was a bargain!


I haven’t took her out of the box yet, but I’m planning to display her in front of my desk. Now talk about concentration… :-p

More detailed pictures:


Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Posted: January 28, 2009 in Slice of Life

Last week was a particularly tormenting one.

The reason – I was really really anxious to go back home (Mind you, not my hostel) to celebrate Chinese New Year.

By default, it’s completely comprehensible for a Chinese to be that excited. Well, for my case, you definitely need to add in the ‘ang pow’ factor. :-p

Therefore, I set out on a beautiful Saturday morning, imagining all kind of wonderful things if I reach home.

However, the supposedly delightful journey soon turned into a nightmare after I discovered my car’s air con system had gone down. Did I mention that it was a sunny day? I really had my heck of a journey back home.

Thanks god my frustration calmed down once I saw this,



Seems that there are plenty of obstacles for me to overcome before venturing further into the sweet space of blogging.

  1. I need to get myself a nice customized header.
  2. I need a stable connection to the net. (I’m working right now, but what the hell.)
  3. I need a good camera and good photoshop skill. (This need time though.)
  4. I need more motivation for maintaining this. (Yeah, screw me, I’m your typical 3-minutes fever guy.)
  5. I need more money for more figures! (Go on, screw me :-p)

So… More updates ahead! (Hopefully :-p)

Everything starts here…

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Random Ramblings

Maybe I’ll just type in “As topic…” since I am extremely lazy to do a brief introduction of what-so-ever.

On second thought, maybe not.

Here goes…

… … … … … … …

How about we just go “As topic…” …? :-p