Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

Posted: January 28, 2009 in Slice of Life

Last week was a particularly tormenting one.

The reason – I was really really anxious to go back home (Mind you, not my hostel) to celebrate Chinese New Year.

By default, it’s completely comprehensible for a Chinese to be that excited. Well, for my case, you definitely need to add in the ‘ang pow’ factor. :-p

Therefore, I set out on a beautiful Saturday morning, imagining all kind of wonderful things if I reach home.

However, the supposedly delightful journey soon turned into a nightmare after I discovered my car’s air con system had gone down. Did I mention that it was a sunny day? I really had my heck of a journey back home.

Thanks god my frustration calmed down once I saw this,


My mom really poured in her effort to do this.

After stepping in,

Yeah, my dad’s teh sexy. Well, the girl in white shirt is my sister while the other one is my little aunt. Both were doing some serious stuffs.

And I found something nice at a corner of the living room.

And that’s not all…

That’s why I’m pausing my diet program. How can anyone I resist that?

Further evident of my previous statement,

That was my reunion dinner on the day before Chinese New Year.

And while we were on it,

We drank some white wine to celebrate the arrival of CNY. And me and my family uncovered one of the biggest secrets of the century –

My sis is really not suitable to be Malaysia’s Next Top Model. Not even close. ROFL :-p

By the way my dad was really generous to give me a big big ‘ang pow’… Tripled from past average. Oh no, I just heard a devil whispering to me, “More figures… Must buy more figures…” :-p

The second night saw me playing something that I had not touched for a long time –


My little cousin was kind enough to share his firecrackers with us. Really brought back the good ol’ memories. Although I need to get back to work on Thursday, but this is by far the best CNY I ever had.

So how was yours?


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