Project Tunicate (A001)

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Project Related
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After long due of delay, I finally initiated this project. Actually I got it several weeks ago, but I was either too lazy or too fucked up to do it. All I did was a bit of research here and there, and never had the heart to make it going. Oh well, that’s just the typical me.

So a little fill in for the readers. Basically this project, if successfully, will result in a complete functional web application database for tunicate research in Malaysia. I’m supposed to do a website and database in essence. Straightforward, isn’t?

You may wonder what the hell is tunicate. It’s a kind of marine organism which usually resides along coral reefs. Well I’m not a marine biologist and this is what I know of it.


Looks pretty eh?

More pictures at: Google Image Search

More details at: Tunicate – Wikipedia

All I had up till now was only an conceptual idea of the whole thing.

HTML ->PHP -> Apache -> MySQL

I’m planning to add Flash content to the site for interaction purposes, but I need to figure out how to link PHP and Flash beforehand. With the pace of progress I am having now, I start to have doubts with finishing the project before April 25. Let’s just pray hard for it. *LOL*

By the way, according to Chinese Lunar calendar, today’s the birthday for all people. They call it ‘Ren Ri’ (人日). So let me wish all of you a happy birthday!

  1. Rius says:

    wow~ what a beautiful mushroom~~ [wahaha~ bleh :P]

  2. enrius says:

    Underwater mushroom… You may have discovered something big to win a Nobel Prize on creativity… :-p

  3. Rius says:

    Dear~your chance to win Nobel Prize is coming.. Dont let it go… 😀

  4. jei says:

    en en, you must add oil ah….. you r the future IT specialist in Malaysia.

  5. Luther Go' Go' says:

    Hmmm…what I would like to say lei?..let me think for a second..”AHA”..Hehe..

    THANK YOU !!
    THANK YOU !!
    THANK YOU !!
    THANK YOU !!
    THANK YOU !!

    Thanks for giving me a chance to know this blog “”. This is actually because of your topic so I go google there simply type “tunicate blogspot” and search..then I ma found this interesting blog..hehe..the flow of the blog is nice, I like it and the pictures is gorgeous as well..hehe..:)

  6. enrius says:

    @jei: haha, like i usually say, USA got Bill Gates, Msia got Auto Gates (Me).

    @Luther Go’ Go’: ho ho, that blog looks very nice. I think I am going to add it to my blogroll.

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