Nendoroid vs Revoltech

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Figures Gallery
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One day, Nendoroid Sakura was walking to work. To see a cute girl like her to work at a construction site is rare, not to mention she was wearing school uniform for such a rough job. Oh well, usually stories can be made up without any logical sense and we’ll leave it just like that.


On the other hand, the notorious Revoltech Metatron was loitering around, looking for some cheap stake things to do, such as: bully a puppy, make a boy cry by throwing away his ice cream and etc etc.


And by one of tenth million possibility,


they bumped into each other! (How lame…)

“Hey watch where you’re going, retarded!”, said Metatron to poor Sakura. But Sakura was not someone to be trifled with… Equipped with PMS (Google it if you’re not sure), she was annoyed by Metatron’s brutish attitude.


Wham! Bang! Whoosh!


“Do not underestimate my moe powarrrrrr!”

“You bully…. *sniff* I’m going to call my big bro to kick your ass!”


And there came Dix-Neuf roaring, “Who dares to bully my dear little brother!?”


Metatron: “Bro, that’s the one. She whacked me! Please kick her to the moon!”

Dix-Neuf: “You’re such a wimp.” *Turned his head to Sakura* “You actually whacked him? You got balls to do that, young lady. I’m going to crush you like an apple pie fell from 20th storey!”



“Huh!? I’m not sure what this is all about… But if you think I am weak, then you will regret it!!”


A battle seemed inevitable! Who would emerge as the winner!? Was it Sakura equipped with PMS? Or rather the technologically advanced Dix-Neuf with his sidekick Metatron?


Bling! Blang! Whoosh! Wham!


Pretty self explanatory…

Moral of the story – Don’t ever fool around with someone possessing PMS. You will get pwnz.

(Courtesy of Tony; These toys are not mine at all, he set up all the scene and I just did the photography.)

  1. Luther Go' Go' says:

    [LOL]..Hahaha..Whatever..Anyway, thanks for teaching us a new word : PMS(Premenstrual syndrome)..hehe..haiz..Perempuan Memang Susah (PMS) also..Anyway, you two can co-operate become movie directors in the future..Not bad..hahaha

  2. Rius says:

    wow.. perfect! nice story! i like it.. waiting for next episode.. ^^

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