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Posted: February 8, 2009 in Slice of Life
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I’d admit it, I kinda steal this idea from Danny Choo. But it’s nice to record down what I have journeyed, experienced and done in KL for the next few months before I go back to JB. Usually I only go explore KL on Saturday, Sunday and any free time applicable. However there are still chances for me to stay otaku at home on weekends! Therefore I can’t guarantee that I will update this series weekly.


2009-02-06 (Friday)

Actually I was looking forward to this day; One of my good friends, Luther was coming over to my place to have some fun. So after I fetched him with Tony, we went straight to Wan Fatt Restaurant at Kajang for a scrumptious dinner. Without the guidance of my another housemate who lived here for several years, I won’t even know there was such a nice restaurant back at the alley offering great food.

Clockwise: 苦瓜汤 (ku gua tang; Bitter gourd soup), 菜浦鱼 (cai pu yu; I couldn’t find any translation for English), 双味菜胆 (shuang wei cai dan), *忘了名字的*鸡 (I forgot the name…). There was another 芙蓉蛋 (fu rong dan; Omelette) but I decided not to wait or else my friends will finish everything up.


We were damn hungry,


not to mention that we all ordered extra bowl of rice. Great dinner at a great price by the way. Off to the second day!



2009-02-07 (Saturday)

Set out early to catch the morning commuter. The commuter was so crowded that all passengers were literally hugging each other. Boys definitely have advantages here. Girls are a no-no.

Reached at KLCC  much more earlier than anticipated. Saw this at Toys”R”Us,


Petronas Twin Towers made from Lego bricks!

I was an avid fan of Lego when I was small. I remember that I always played around with it and I still keep all my collection in a sealed box.



I can imagine how the builders looked like after 1 month of constant construction: Tom Hanks in Castaway:



Then we went to Burger King for brunch. Whooper black pepper FTW!



Then we headed over to Aquaria KLCC. I’ve been there with my girl,


but now with guys.





Pretty self explanatory. Anyone still got problem guessing what marine organism is this?



Mmm, a lot of ikan bilis… Best to be eaten after fried.



I particularly liked this one very much.


And of course, how could we forget Nemo?!



Right at the exit of Aquaria, a guy told us with every receipt of Aquaria ticket payment, we are entitled to have a special offer for fish therapy at Aquazone just beside Aquaria. Well, why not?


It was my first time doing this. And I’d like to say that it was a pleasant experience. The overall interior design was great with plenty of aquariums in front of you for you to look at while you are doing the therapy. Two thumps up!


It felt very ticklish at first and when you gotten used to it, it felt more like a gentle electric shock. とても気持ちです!


Did an experiment with my hand. Those fishes must been left hungry for months! :-p (Note: It’s not allowed to put our hands into the water…)

After this my handphone was running low on battery, forcing me to stop taking photos. What a pity. So I’ll just simplify things:

  • Went to Kinokuniya. I was like OMFG awed by the numbers and variety of books inside. You can find a lot of Japanese imported books, manga, light novels and illustration books here. Definitely a heaven for an otaku like me.
  • Watched Inkheart. One word review: Boring. Don’t watch it unless you haven’t sleep in a while, or having trouble getting to sleep. I actually liked Brendan Fraser but oh well.
  • Had our dinner at Madam Kwan’s. A classy restaurant with great food, great customer service and *great* price. If you ever had the chance to dine there, I highly recommend Nasi Bojari and Banana Fritters with Vanilla ice cream.

madamkwannasibojari Nasi Bojari

banana-fritters-22 Banana Fritters with Vanilla Ice Cream

(Photo courtesy of http://masak-masak.blogspot.com & http://food.malaysiamostwanted.com)


So boys and girls this concludes my first weekly tour in KL. Stay tune for more surprises! (Maybe?)

  1. Chuan says:

    Dam it…..U make me wanna go back Malaysia now!

  2. 路德'君' says:

    Yo,Brother..I am with you all the time also din’t notice that you are such a good photographer and nice narrator..hmmm..must be inherited from your dad and mum’s “GENE” ya..hehe..Its a pity that your battery runs out or else you can take more nice photos..aiya,maybe I should have take your picture when you fall asleep during Cinema..muahaha..^^v..:)..

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