Weekly Tour in KL 2

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Slice of Life
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Well, it’s a week late, but better to be late than never, no?


2009-02-14 (Saturday)

This time we headed to Mid Valley. Although I’ve been there several times, but our good comrade, Jei insisted that we spend our nice time over there which is fine by me.


Straight went up to the food court as we were damn hungry.


Carle Jr.’s burger: 4 thumbs up! (Including toes) And it’s really big.


Their french fries were also nicely done. Definitely better than “McClown” in my opinion.


And we ended up surrender to the platoon of Carle’s french fries. Lesson learned: Do not order large set at Carle Jr. unless it’s for two persons and above.


I’m pretty sure that these drivers and pilots do not have a legit license for driving/piloting. Poor brick wall. 😛


Next destination – The Garden. A high class shopping mall best for window shopping. From left to right: Jei, Luther and Tony.


Did you notice that it was Valentine’s day? How nice if only I was going out with three girls…


The Garden has plenty of multi-touch screen shop directories. And we used it to leave our mark. 😛


See anything? Any light bulb turned on? Oh my I really don’t have any sense of art.


Compare this with the food court at Mid Valley.


Public toilets at The Garden may be the only toilet I would really have no problem to dine in – If I was pointed by a gun that is.


Not forgetting a monthly dose of IT news before going back. I just started to read MaxIT last November and I think it is quite informatic which comes also at a cheap price. Do you also buy a particular magazine at a timely basis?

So that’s all for this week’s tour in KL! Stay tuned for more! 🙂


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