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If you had a bandwidth like this,

Insane bandwidth 001

Iinsane bandwidth 002


Would you not want to use it to the full potential?

And that probably sums up the best thing about UKM.


Project Tunicate (A001)

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Project Related
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After long due of delay, I finally initiated this project. Actually I got it several weeks ago, but I was either too lazy or too fucked up to do it. All I did was a bit of research here and there, and never had the heart to make it going. Oh well, that’s just the typical me.

So a little fill in for the readers. Basically this project, if successfully, will result in a complete functional web application database for tunicate research in Malaysia. I’m supposed to do a website and database in essence. Straightforward, isn’t?

You may wonder what the hell is tunicate. It’s a kind of marine organism which usually resides along coral reefs. Well I’m not a marine biologist and this is what I know of it.


Looks pretty eh?