I was bored and I started to tidy up my stuff in my HD. Found some photos that I had almost forgotten.

I found my January haul group session photo. OMFG.


The only one not in here is Hayase Mitsuki which is over here.

That’s 15 figures for January. Massive damage to my wallet. I was new to figure collecting so that explained my aggressiveness.

Well it’s been 2 months since so my wallet should have rest up a bit for my future hauls. :-p

Bring it on! -_- No no I should save up for my Japan trip in May. I’ll get more figures there! LOL

  1. MyKy says:

    Aiya no spambox..

    w00t.. going japan ka? Akibahara ka? If so… he he he..

    Which year u’re in now?

  2. enrius says:

    Yeah, I wanted to add a spambox but either I need to pay more or hack into their server. :-p

    Hopefully I can go (If my mom no ffk), and I’m gonna hook up get to know some japanese chicks. :-p

    3rd year, still got 1 year to go. Now in UKM serving internship. 🙂

  3. MyKy says:

    eh? it’s free wan wat.. :p

    oh la la. forget the chicks, gotta haul up cheap cheap gundam stuffs!!! hahaha

    oh, u guise intern for 1 sem wan ar?

  4. enrius says:

    If not wrong WordPress.com requires money to make your webbie more flashy…

    LOL just imagine hooking up JP girls while playing gunplas and figures… OH LA LA I AM SO HIGH

    And yeah, for 1 semester… I’m waiting for a Lincoln to free me from slavery. T.T

  5. happymoomoo says:

    Fuulamak! Great haul! I don’t know when I can get big hauls like that again T.T Last record was 20 boxes. $$$ all went negative.

  6. Pieter Lius says:

    Nice Haul! I have also just started collecting figures. Be sure to save lots of yen before you go Japan!

    Btw, thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

  7. enrius says:

    @happymoomoo: $$$ almost gone liao. eat maggie and grass everyday :-p

    @Pieter Lius: No problem, your webbie is very nice and comprehensive, keep up the good work! 😉

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