My Room (Before converting to the dark side)

Posted: March 20, 2009 in Slice of Life
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I miss my warm, cozy bedroom. So today I’m going to dedicate this post to my room. I took these photo last CNY so it’s been quite a while but I think nothing changed much since then.


A glance through my room from the entrance. Yes I sleep on a queen size bed because I am big. :-p Actually I got the bed after my parents decided to upgrade to a king size bed, and so I upgraded for free too.


This is where I usually do my stuffs. I’m facing space problem right now as you can see my book shelf is almost full. My mangas are kept on the upper level and also in the bottom shelf which is not encased with glass. Other than that is my reference books (Mostly on computer), financial books (My dad’s) and some random books (Encyclopedia, history-related, fictions…). I’m thinking of clearing a space out to put in my girls after I go back. Oh yes I do have a tissue box on my desk along with other stuffs.


My old PC since 2002. This Pentium 4 1.5GHz has served me well up till now. Of course she was ill here and there, but nothing too serious. I always managed to keep her back to normal. The current PC I am using right now is in my hostel. So during holidays it will occupy the green computer desk over there. The horizontal cabinet beside the window contains my CDs and DVDs (Two drawers in the middle) and computer hardwares and cables (All the other drawers). The mat leads to the toilet.

So that’s most of it I think. I know, not much otaku-related stuffs (Dakimakura, wall poster etc…) can be found in my room. Pretty much failed the test for Otakuism I think. :-p At least my girls are still with me in my hostel, so you can expect some changes around May. And I do plan to rearrange the furnitures for teh lulz. :-p

  1. MyKy says:

    lao.. still got your room.

    my room has been invaded by my sis and declared as her own. So now whenever i go back, i’m the visitor. 😡

    tissue box on the table, :w i wonder for wat

  2. enrius says:

    For dolphin feeding clean up. :-p

  3. happymoomoo says:

    Big big room!! Looking for your figures but all with you in your hostel >.< not scare people curi? Hahaha!

  4. enrius says:

    Ya bo bian, i started to collect them when I got to KL around January, so I only managed to brought back 4 girls during CNY holidays. Still not sure what my parents will react once they see my harem…

  5. happymoomoo says:

    Oo LOL! Later your parents say ‘Now I know where all your allowance went to’ XD

  6. T.I.P. says:

    Nice room, spacious with your own bathroom ^^ Would love to see how it looks with your girls in it.

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