My Office Tour

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Slice of Life
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Today I present to you my workplace: This is where I spent 9 hours per day staring at the LCD screen and thinking about how to get out of there (:-p).


Currently I am doing my internship at INBIOSIS UKM, which represents the full name as depicted above in the photo. It’s a research institute located inside the campus area of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.


Another view from different angle.


I work on the first floor, and this is the hallway leading me to my office. You’ll need a security access card to get in. Ground floor, however, mostly consists of laboratories.


And this is where I do my work. It’s quite spacious, yet kind of empty. Most of the time only six of us are stationed here.


And this is my work desk. I decided to add in my colleague in this photo because he simply looked funny.


When I have nothing to do, or just simply felt demotivated, I would enter my Zen realm to look for ideas.


I wonder what was he trying to do on me? Maybe next time I should put a “Zen’ing” sign on my forehead.


The meeting room. This is where amazing happens because you get to interact and exchange ideas with people from all kind of fields.


From time to time I get invited to attend seminars by elites from all over the world. But frankly speaking, although I appreciate the opportunity, I usually do not understand most of the contents.


Random group session photo.


Occasionally we get re-allocated to the Bioinformatics research lab.


And I get to explore Mac. Never had the chance before coming here though.


Project TuniBase – Just finished the CSS, now heading for the database development. I still need to do a nice title banner though.


We fool around a lot. Too much stress? ^^;;

  1. Hosni Fariz says:

    Yeah, our workplace, hmmmm, i can just smell it even only by looking at them pictures!!

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