Weekly Tour in KL 3

Posted: March 29, 2009 in Slice of Life
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Holy shit this is procrastination at its best!

Seriously even a polar bear would have already reached Antartica to meet up with his penguin friend.

Anyway, not much content for this weekly tour (Which occurs over a month ago) because I only went to The Mines, a shopping complex in Serdang. Still not bad though as I continued to explore new area in KL before I go back to my hometown in May.


The special part of The Mines is that they actually designed a river inside the mall. This river connects to the resort area and visitors can fetch a boat ride to travel between these two locations.


Another view from another angle.


Loitering around makes people hungry, so we went to get a taste of Serdang’s famous delicacy, Zhi Bao Ji (纸包鸡, Foil wrapped chicken). Really delicious.


Of course one was not enough. We had also ordered (Starting from behind) tofu, Cai Dan (清炒菜胆), and a pork delicacy which I just can’t remember its name. Mm-hmm.


After the meal, we all went “Shit!” and got all wet going back to the mall.


It was pure coincidence that I got to see some star action. However I am not a big fan of them, heck, I don’t even recognize them at all! In case you’re wondering why would I bother to stay, I just did it for teh lulz.


The crowd amused me instead. :-p


And here they are! But I left halfway during the event because I couldn’t overcome the boredom that was accumulating rapidly within me. If only they were gravure idols from Japan… I think I am willing to nosebleed to death…

And if you’re guessing what is ‘for teh lulz’, here you go:


A thousand words.

So with the ‘demotivation’ thus concludes the awesomely slow updated weekly tour in KL. Well, stay tune for more procrastination! :-p


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