Train station

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Random Ramblings


When you’ve been a train man as long as I have, you see a lot of people meeting, parting, joy, sadness… After a while, it doesn’t even get to you anymore. I wonder how long it’s been… There’s an invisible rail between me and the passengers. I could never live their lives. I’m just a train man plain and simple. It’s easier that way. That’s not to say that the crossing gate of my heart doesn’t hurt now and again. Back during the war, I remember there was a lot of painful scenes then. But, that’s a story for another day…

Cookies for those who know who said this. 😉

Image taken from one of my trips in KL.

  1. Rius says:

    train man.. FFVII

  2. MyKy says:

    tak tau. i still wan my cookie

  3. enrius says:

    @Rius: Wow my dear, I bet you google the whole text? :-p

    @MyKy: Sure, Hup Seng want?

  4. Rius says:

    Of course. In order to get the gold plated cookies from you.. LOL~~~ :p

  5. MyKy says:

    brix shat, enrius and rius. u guys brothers or something?

  6. Jei says:

    I like this public transport… although it’s a bit expensive. Quick and comfortable and punctual…

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