Project Tunicate – TuniBase (A002)

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Project Related
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I’ve been stressed to finish this project in two weeks, and that explained my absent from here. Sorry for those who came here and saw nothing new… T.T I sincerely apologize.

So back to the topic, I admit that I was procrastinating like no tomorrow, and my progress on the project became very very slow… Until the day when my supervisor told me that I need to complete it ASAP, which most probably in two weeks time. Then you can imagine I turned into someone just like the one in the image above (Except having a pair more of eyes and losing my banana).

Since we’re at it, let’s talk a bit about my current progress. I’ve just

  1. Sorted out the Entity Relationship Diagram
  2. Developed the database
  3. Modules to modify the database

And what I am planning is

  1. Implement the User system
  2. Change the website layout (It’s terrible right now!)
  3. Create a nice title banner
  4. Upload it to the server. (They still got problem configuring their own web server, what the hell.)

So a sneak preview of my child:


But I’d admit that it’s fucking ugly. The color scheme I used is the product of randomly inputted hexadecimal values (e.g. #123456). So I do really welcome any sort of suggestions, flames and spits to improve my horrible website.


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