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Posted: May 11, 2009 in Figures, Project Related, Random Ramblings, Slice of Life


It really has been a long long time since I last updated this ill-fated blog of mine, isn’t it? Well, this is going to be a long one, cause I am going to blog about whatever that has happened throughout my absence in blogsphere. Be mentally prepared, all right? :-p

Project Tunicate
PC Fair 2009
Before going back
Room Sweet Room


Project Tunicate

I have finally completed the prototype of TuniBase just before the deadline after countless sleepless night and coffee. This is how it looks like:


I feel so proud of myself. I did it from scratch despite the fact that I have never learned or tried to develop a website, let alone to build a web application database like this. Now I can add at least one more skill into my resume – Website developing. However, that’s one side of the good part; the bad part is that I was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement – That essentially means that whatever I have done belongs to the organization, which in this context it refers to INBIOSIS. >_<”


Sucks big time, huh? But screw them, if they deem it is unappropriate to just post a screenshot of my work on my blog, then go ahead and sue me. -_- Anyway, that’s the end of it and I still have to credit them for giving me an opportunity to learn a valuable skill for my future survival in the real world.


PC Fair 2009

Remember in my previous blog entry I mentioned I worked for other organization? (Busy busy busy)

Actually I was working for Intel as a PC Guru at PC Fair 2009.


My job scope was simple – To promote the Core i7 processor and give advise to the consumers on what processor they should buy according to their needs. (I took this during my break.)



It was a great experience working there – I discovered that I could actually do things that I thought I could never accomplish. The four months I spent living faraway from home expanded my comfort zone. I know I can fly if I am willing to take that extra step.

Another pleasant experience gained from the event – I get to socialize and know more people. On the last day of PC Fair, my colleague, Alan asked me, “You took up this part time alone?”


“Well, you’re not alone anymore.”

With my limited English vocabulary, I just can’t describe how wonderful they are. I was the only newcomer, and they didn’t cast me away.


Thanks guys! And Alan, if you happen to read this, remember to send me the photos!


Before Going Back


The only word that I can think of on the last day of internship.


V.E.R.Y. H.A.P.P.Y

The only two words that can describe my feeling on the day of departure. I managed to wake up my housemate for this photo. :-p


So long for now, UKM and Bangi!



I have never expected myself to accumulate this many mangas over the years.


Made me feel nostalgic. I remember the first manga I bought was Doraemon – And it was no turning back from otakuism. Things just gotten worse after I fell in love with figures.


Room Sweet Room

So I rearranged the furniture in my room and now my room looks like this:





Maybe you are wondering where are all the other girls? Here they are:


The fact that I am slowly poisoning my family to accept my collection, so radical measure is a no-no. My mom surprised me the most – she actually liked them and even requested I give her Haruhi and Gwendolyn for her so-called birthday present. ^^”




I am hooked onto this anime.


Not to mention that their OP & ED were great. (I love ‘Don’t say lazy’ to death!)


Go watch it if you haven’t.

As a footnote, I am going to pray everyday that either MF, GSC or Alter would come up with K-ON! figures. :-p


  1. T.I.P. says:

    Welcome back enrius. Looks like you had an awesome “adventure”. It is always great to meet many people and explore the many opportunities that are out there. Will definitely look forward to future posts. ^^

  2. Rius says:

    Your project look nice.. i liked the layout.. ^^

  3. Excellent post. Can’t wait to read more about this topic.

  4. Dindini says:

    i love anime….n i love K-ON!!!!!

  5. Dindini says:

    I LOVE K-ON…..<3

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