Escape to the Sea

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Slice of Life

Went to Desaru two days back with my family. It’s been a while since I last visited there.


It was a public holiday, thus the huge crowd.



That’s my family all right. ^^



My cousin – being at the beach for the first time made her afraid to walk on the sand! But she was excited anyway.



My favorite shot of the day.



What’s that beside her? O_o



I love the sea – I could felt that my worries and problems will be taken away by it.



If I ever had the chance, I would really much like to stay somewhere I can look over the horizon everyday. What about you?



Along a scrumptious meal like this everyday and I would really die as a happy man. ^^;

(Not in the photo: Scallop, oyster, clam)

  1. fany says:

    ur fav shot reali vry gd neh…
    ur cousin look like a pro model neh…
    gd view right timing vry pro neh… ^-*b

  2. Jei Wong says:

    Not bad… Hope can go with you then…

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