July – September 2009 Hauls

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Figures, Nendoroids


These arrived earlier:

  1. Alter 1/8 Narika from Beat Blade Haruka
  2. GSC Nendoroid Saber Lion
  3. GSC Nendoroid Melissa Seraphy
  4. GSC Nendoroid Miku Mikku Kagami

I also ordered GSC Saber Lily and Megahouse Allean but since those are arriving at my doorstep in October, I guess that sums up my hauls up till September (And hopefully Saber Lily doesn’t get delayed AGAIN).

I’m glad that I didn’t cancel Narika seeing now that she’s out of stock almost everywhere. Looks like she’s going to hit the ‘rare’ status soon. Then again, she is superb! Definitely one of my favorites already. Please do GET her if you happen to encounter her. ^^

Talking about Narika, I’d like to mention how good great the retailer (XL-Shop) shipped her to me.


This was how it looked like when I collected it. Looking at the box (Bandai Soul of Chogokin??), I worried that they had shipped the wrong item to me!


After opening the first layer, my worries became curiosity. Hot Toy Terminator Salvation?? If they really had shipped a Hot Toy to me, I would sell it off for some extra money and then buy another Narika. But then, notice the packaging style – the box is very sturdy and thick, and they even put a lot of carton pieces and newspaper to protect the ‘Hot Toy’.


Looked like my worries and curiosity were uncalled for. But even in that Hot Toy box they put carton pieces to fill in the gaps. This is truly the best packaging I ever seen. You can see the effort they put in to ship their items – To use such a big and sturdy box along with abundant packaging stuffs in case of shipping damage. I’m really impressed – a real contrast with how an eBay seller shipped Queen’s Gate Alice to me.

So in case you did order something from XL-Shop, you can be sure that whatever you bought is in good hand – They still have Narika in stock if you’re wondering ;-).

  1. James says:

    Narika is awesome ^^

    I agree , it’s nice to see a package protected so well …

    Sadly , lots of sellers doesn’t care :/

  2. Leonia says:

    Narika is beautiful. My boyfriend recevied her, and he said that she is one of year favorite ^^ Nice Nendoroid choose, I prefer Kagami Miku Miku, but Saber is really nice too (and i don’t have Melissa)

  3. Tommy says:

    LOL @ ebay Alice seller.

    Really nice haul there enrius.

    Lovely Narika figure. It sucks that I can’t find her anymore. I’m hoping for a re-release or something now. =__=”

  4. zarakiken says:

    nice nendoroids u got there… scale figures are deadly exp… T.T… i wish i had more funds to even start…

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