November 2009 Hauls and Pre-orders

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Figures, Nendoroids
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Again as a filler for this deserted blog. Nothing much, as I’m curbing my desire to buy more figures due to financial constraint.

来た! Jubei just arrived this morning while Nendo Saber Lily earlier this month.

Ain’t she pretty? I think I need to spend some time to set up my own photo-shooting environment instead of just using my workdesk as one. ^^;; Oh and I need more practice on photo-shooting too.

As mentioned above, I’m cutting down expenses for buying figures. But I still succumbed to a couple of beautiful ones that I simply cannot resist.

The first one – Figma Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project. I wasn’t into figma until I saw her – Can’t resist the moeness! Well, not a bad choice for the first figma I am going to have, huh. ^^;; She’s an exclusive item but luckily my local shop managed to offer her at a reasonable price. Scheduled to be released in January 2010 but I expect her to be delayed as usual. (BRS, why oh why!)

I admit I’m a total sucker for Ymir. Initially I wanted to pass on her, but two days on the bed and I cannot stop thinking of her made me clicked the PO button. -_-  Loli for the win – Yeah technically she’s a dwarf but the design indicates otherwise. I’m sold. ^^;; Scheduled to be released in April 2010, so I think no delay?

  1. James says:

    Glad to see you bought Jubei 🙂

    Ymir would have been way better with a more dynamic pose , she’s too static and that’s just sad 😥

  2. Jei Wong says:

    Hope that my collection(i mean books) can be as variety as yours…

  3. ELTboy says:

    Yagyu Jubei is well worth the money…gorgeous babe. Mine’s still resting in her box though. ^^”

    Figma Reimu is great, but I no longer collect figma, so I am safe. And good thing that I haven’t succumb to Ymir yet…hehe…too many figures I want…must resist…

  4. enrius says:

    @James: Yeah, that’s the only letdown of this figure. But still I couldn’t get her out from my mind… >< Hehe, I guess she and I are destined? :-p

    @Jei: You should post your collection one day too. ^^

    @ELTBoy: I couldn't resist her and took her out immediately! ^^;; While you stop collecting figma, I moved my first step towards it… No I need to curb my desire. That's what happen when you have so many on your wishlist but not much bullets to start with…

  5. Leonia says:

    Oh you have Jubei ^^ I’am waiting for her (18 days >_<) Nice choose ! Yumil is really cute too, but i would like a more dynamic pose 😦

  6. Desangel says:

    Jubei is just gorgeous ^.^ . didn’t planned on buying her , but after seeing your post , my hands are getting itchy >.<

  7. Tommy says:

    OMG…more Jubei poison. “orz

    God, how I regret not ordering her now…Alter re-release please.

    Anyways, nice loot and pre-order. I like that Ymir…but she’s a dwarf. Can’t get that off my mind…

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