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Posted: December 13, 2009 in Figures, Nendoroids, Slice of Life
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Out of stuff to post and a bit busy with JLPT 3 that was over a week ago.

Let’s start with a loot topic.

  1. Max Factory 1/8 Aisaka Taiga from Toradora!
  2. GSC Nendoroid Hakurei Reimu
  3. G’s Magazine 2010 January issue
  4. Sumomomo momomo Vol. 12
  5. Sony Vaio CW16FG Notebook

A bit of details: I bought Taiga BIB from a local collector – he was willing to part with Taiga at a very affordable price. I knew I had to get her since e-sucker-Bay usually has her at around 200USD or more. Then I saw a local toy shop still have the exclusive Nendo Hakurei Reimu at also affordable price. (Hm, guess I overuse that word) So here she is. To check where my Japanese level stands, I intentionally bought G’s Magazine and the manga. Well, I’m proud to say I can understand most of them! Last but not least is the heavyweight champion of this month’s loot – A Sony Vaio laptop. Been eyeing for it quite some time, so I could say it’s a dream come true.

Talking about Japanese, I just had JLPT 3 last week. Kanji, vocabulary and grammar weren’t that hard, but listening gave me quite some trouble. Although I can safely assume that it was because the environment of which exposure to Japanese is kept to a minimum extent. My only source of Japanese listening is from anime and JPop. Saber Reimu is praying for me to pass the test. How sweet of her! ^^

She’s…………………. CUTE!

That’s why she is called the Palmtop Tiger.


You can safely ignore the rest of this blog because I’m going to try it in Japanese as an attempt to improve it. But if you do read Nihongo, please point out any grammar mistake for my own good. ^^



  1. Leonia says:

    Nice haul ! Taiga is really cute but so expensive now -_-. Reimu is an adorable Nendoroid, but I think that I prefer Marisa ^^

  2. trixoptics says:

    Nice haul! So, how much did you pay for Taiga?

  3. enrius says:

    @Leonia: Yes, I think no one could pass her up given the chance to obtain her… ^^ I liked Marissa too, but too pity I missed her PO. ToT

    @trixoptics: Thanks! Around 70 USD including shipping.

  4. lylibellule says:

    A nice small update.
    Congratulation for finding Taiga at an affordable price. I think as far as i know it’s most closest to the character.
    Max Factory did a very good job.
    You take japanese lesson… i envy you. I would love to learn but there’s no place near my home that gives lessons. And alone, i probably couldn’t make it.

  5. Desangel says:

    Taiga is such a cute figure ^.^ .

    Japanese lesson, hope i can take them in the near future ^.^

  6. Katsura-chan says:

    Taiga is such a cute girl ^^
    That figure is particularly lovable with her red cheeks and the tiny tiger she holds in her hands.

    Good luck with Japanese, i studied few years ago and it’s hard. I’ll be able to help you on that since i forgot everything i learned ha ha

  7. Tommy says:

    Congrats on your new loot.

    But if I were you, I would’ve waited a month or two for the laptop since they’re starting to launch i7 processors for laptops. Unless your’s already comes with it.

    And that’s mighty cheap for Taiga. Nice get. 🙂

  8. enrius says:

    @lylibellule: Thanks! I got really lucky to snatch her before someone else does. ^^

    @Desangel: Yup she’s really cute! ^^ I placed her in front of my desk and kept staring at her already. :p

    @Katsura-chan: Taiga instantly became one of my favorites. I totally understand how you feel about forgetting Japanese… A little slacking and I am slowly forgetting those vocabs and grammar… ToT

    @Tommy: Thanks! I would like to have a Core i7 lappy too, but unfortunately that would go way over my budget. Converting to USD this model cost around 1200USD, but that was what I could afford. ><

  9. Tommy says:

    @enrius: I think the price for i7 laptops will be the same as what duo core laptops are going for now once they become the mainstream processor. They’re already phasing out the duo core stuff now. But it’s all good as long as you’re happy. I just had a bad experience 5 years ago.

  10. Tommy says:

    Btw, Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year. 🙂

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