Happy new year, everyone!!

Surprisingly, I’m going to start year 2010 by selling off some of my PVC figures! Sad to let them go, but I will always remember them in my heart…

Anyway, if you’re interested, please contact me at

  1. christemplar2002@yahoo.com
  2. enrius@gmail.com
  3. christophus_86@hotmail.com (Windows Live Messenger)

or just leave a comment with your details below this post.


  1. I accept PayPal only for international buyers. Local buyers can either COD or by direct bank-in. (I’m from Malaysia by the way)
  2. Do note that all prices are exclusive of shipping fee – Please let me know where you live and I will quote you a price.

1. Good Smile Company – Unity May from Unity Marriage – 1/8 – USD 76 (RM260)


2. Alter – Suzumiya Haruhi Uniform ver. – 1/8 – SOLD


3. Kotobukiya – Suzumiya Haruhi Beach Side ver. – 1/7 – SOLD


4. Good Smile Company – Hayase Mitsuki from Kimi ga nozomu eien – 1/8 – SOLD

  1. Guy says:

    Good luck with the sales!
    You might want to let people know where you live, to make picking up and figuring of shipping easier (I’m sure I used to know, but forgot).

    Also, the prices seem a bit high, at least for me.

  2. enrius says:

    @Guy – Thanks! Hmm, maybe the prices are really high for BIB figures… I’ll update them ASAP. Thanks again for the feedback!

  3. lylibellule says:

    Good and happy new year !

    It’s always sad to be separated from our figures. 😦 Good luck with the sale. 😉

  4. Tommy says:

    I spy a couple figures I want in your cabinet…going to sell those too? =P

  5. Rius says:

    never update?

  6. San says:

    eh old fren can get discount? =D

    anyway good luck hope u make ROARINg sales !!

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