My Collection


  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    Looking for a place to leave comment, let’s do it right here. Thanks for stopping by my site. As far as Chu x Chu Idol goes, have you tried looking in HongFire? They are a great valuable resource for me for anything related to Eroge game and they are always up to date.

  2. Definitely some really nice figures you have there. Do you plan on reviewing any of them? I think it’s a lot of fun to take pictures and give it a review if you got the time 🙂

  3. enrius says:

    @Wolfheinrich: Can’t believe I forgot HongFire! Thanks a lot for the info! 🙂

    @theinfernoproject: I found that we both almost shared the same taste for figures… I do plan on reviewing, but my camera is not with me right now, so the first review may have to wait until early May. T.T

  4. HenryLow says:

    hoho, nice collection. i think we met before. :p

  5. enrius says:

    LOL. Yeah, I got my Shuraki girls from you leh… 🙂

  6. HenryLow says:

    hahaha, thanks for the deal. :p seen like ur collection getting huge. :p

  7. ELTboy says:

    You have a nice collection and good taste for figures. Thanks for linking to my blog too. Cheers ^^

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